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What Is Level 1?

Why become Merge certified?

Meeting the demands of a changing world

  • The Problem

    Improving pain and movement patterns are complex issues, when your body doesn’t move well and you begin to develop chronic pain, What can you do?

  • The Solution

    With Merge, we provide you with simple and in-depth solutions for understanding complex problems regarding human pain and movement.

  • The Transformation

    This way, you can move well, feel well, and advance your knowledge of knowing the body and what it needs for yourself, students, and clients.

What's Covered In Level 1?

What you will learn

  • An overview of fascial anatomy including layers and meridians
  • How to train the different properties of fascia to improve movement, pain, and performance
  • Fascial neurology and pain science
  • Corrective exercise and neuromuscular stretching techniques  
  • Integrative movements which connect and lengthen fascia

What's Included?

Level 1 Practitioner course

  • 53 instructional videos videos:

  • 27 text Documents

  • 3 Quizes

  • Fascia "cheat sheet" 

  • 2 opportunities every month to sit in on a LIVE Q&A

You will also gain access to our private Facebook community where you can participate in forum discussions, listen to live Q&A's, and seek guidance from other Merge practitioners. This growing community is full of over 150+ certified Merge practitioners dedicated to creating healthy movement patterns and mastering the skill of knowing your body and what it needs to thrive

  • FREE ACCESS to our "Merge Foundations" video series which includes 5 short Merge workouts + 1 video on improving restrictions in the neck.

  • 2 Case examples demonstrating how to resolve complex movement dysfunctions.

What To Expect From This Course

Course Objectives:

  • In depth understanding of fascia and its power to influence anatomical relationships and overall well being. 

  • Demonstrate effective training techniques to influence fascia in training for performance, and longevity.

  • Gain a holistic understanding of pain based in new research.

  • A comprehensive understanding of the sensory systems housed within our fascia that impact movement and wellbeing.

  • Demonstrate an effective 4-part protocol for assessing and resolving chronic pain and movement related dysfunctions.

  • Incorporate integrative movements in order to create healthy and functional movement patterns.

The total value $800

This course covers everything you will need in order to solve complex problems regarding human movement, pain and performance. 

Because we know how powerful the information in this course is and what it can do for your practice, clients, or students we will be offering it for only $349 for a limited time. 

You will have access to this course, the facebook community, level 2 in Sedona, and any future Merge events for a LIFETIME as one of our students. 


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What are people saying?

Feels good to move


"Since Merge I have seen so much change. It has given me the confidence to start moving again, the reminder that exercise does not have to be painful, and has also has given me the permission to trust my body. I have such a better sense of balance."

Game Changer


Merge has become a lifestyle change for me, ever since my level one training. The knowledge learned has me flowing through simple and dynamic movements in a mindful way. My shoulder is forever stronger and more capable of doing the things I love.


Merge has been a game changer for me on a business level as a studio owner, and a professional level as a yoga instructor. My students love the new things I learned in Level 1 and how it makes them feel, the results were so quick and apparent that we often have people become studio members after just one class.

Frequently Asked Q's

  • How long is this course?

    This course is self-paced and you have 3 weeks to finish the content. You will always have access to the course itself, but we highly recommend you finish it within three weeks so that you can attend the live Q&A

  • What are the prerequisites?

    We want to make sure you feel confident participating in our course and don't feel lost. If you have any questions as to whether or not you meet our prerequisites, please email Remember, the prerequisites aren’t there to exclude anyone from certification but rather to be sure you aren’t feeling unprepared to learn. In taking this course, it is helpful to have some form of formal education or background in anatomy. Most of our students are fitness professionals, bodyworkers, physical therapists, and yoga and pilates teachers which requires some level of anatomy training.

  • Do you offer a payment plan?

    We do not offer any payment plans for our Level 1 training, only our level 2 training.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Level 1 - Part 1

    • Welcome to Merge!

    • What Is Merge? + Course Objectives

    • Intro to our NeuroMyoFascial System

    • What is Spatial Medicine?

    • Our Body Forms The Way We Use It

    • The challenges you face in the movement profession

    • Movement is healthcare

    • The "what" of Fascia

    • What is Fascia? (video)

    • Tensegrity: A model of the human body

    • Tensegrity (video)

    • The 4 layers of Fascia

    • 4 layers of Fascia (video)

    • The 4 properties of Fascia

    • Fascial Viscosity

    • Fascial Elasticity

    • Fascial Plasticity

    • Fascial Remodeling

    • What is a fascial line?

    • Lateral Line

    • Front Line

    • Superficial Back Line

    • Functional Line

    • Deep Front Line

    • The Arm Lines

    • Spiral Line

    • The Fascial lines: Structure & Function

    • Fascia: A map

    • Training Fascia in our favor: Elastic recoil

    • Fascial Elasticity In Training

    • Variables for training Fascia

    • Variables for Fascial Training (Video)

    • Things to remember

    • Quiz 1

    • End of Part 1 (video)

  • 2

    Level 1 - Part 2

    • Scope Of Practice

    • Welcome to Part 2!

    • Life is Sensory

    • Life Is Sensory Video

    • Biological Imperative

    • Safety and Danger

    • Resolved and Unresolved Traumas

    • Healthy and Unhealthy Nervous System Response

    • Pain - What Do We Know Now?

    • Pain & Perspective Of Pain

    • 4 Things You Must Know About Pain

    • 2 New Perspectives On Pain

    • What Have We Learned About Pain?

    • Proprioception Intro

    • All Things Proprioception

    • Footwear and Proprioception

    • Interoception & Our Inner World

    • Interoception Video

    • Expanding the Breath

    • TVA Activation - Deepening The Breath

    • QL Release - Deepening The Breath

    • Psoas Release - Deepening The Breath

    • Nasal And Mouth Breathing

    • Techniques For Nasal Breathing

    • Courage And The Pain/Fear Injury Cycle

    • PolyVagal Theory Intro

    • Quiz 2

  • 3

    Level 1 - Part 3

    • How Do We Adapt To A Changing World

    • Injury Stats + What Is Cumulative Injury

    • What Can We Do About Injury

    • What Is "Muscular Imbalance"?

    • The Components Of Cumulative Injury

    • Assessing Movement Dysfunction

    • A/E Assessment Video

    • Gentle Reminder: Why We Need Tension...

    • 4 Step System For Improving Movement Patterns + Resolving Pain (Summary)

    • Step 1

    • Step 2 + NeuroMuscular Stretching

    • Step 3

    • Step 4

    • Video Demonstration of The 4 Steps (I.L.A.I)

    • Case Example - Knee Valgus

    • Case Example: Forward Shoulder

    • Integrative Movements To Enhance Biomechanics

    • Glute Activation

    • Breath Wave

    • Multi-planar Movement

    • Ankle Reset

    • Arch Lift

    • Aterior Neck Release

    • The Closing Of Your Level 1 Training

    • Quiz 3

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