Merge: The Practice

Helping You Move Forward

Merge is a continuing education platform for movement professionals, bodyworkers, and for those interested in creating healthy movement patters, decreasing pain, and optimizing human performance.

Why become Merge certified?

Meeting the demands of a changing world

  • The problem

    Improving pain and movement patterns are complex issues, when your body doesn’t move well and you begin to develop chronic pain, What can you do?

  • The Solution

    With Merge, we provide you with simple and in-depth solutions for understanding complex problems regarding human pain and movement.

  • The Transformation

    This way, you can move well, feel well, and advance your knowledge of knowing the body and what it needs for yourself, students, and clients.

Meet Your Instructors

The Creators of Merge: The Practice


HI! My name is Eric Toher and I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Specialist, and a former teacher for an institute focused on fascial bodywork. 

I have always had a deep interest in pain, what it is, and what we could do about. I've spent the last 8 years working with over a thousand people, helping them resolve their pain, improve their movement patterns, while being an advocate for getting outside and connecting with nature. 

What I’ve learned is that each body is different, each pain is unique, and that each person is capable of healing anything.

My interests include: Hockey, Exploring our National Parks (hiking/camping), Biohacking, Coffee, and health science.


Hi! My name is Crystal Palermo and I am a dancer by heart, but my background is rather eclectic. I have a  masters in Human Dynamics, I’m a former studio owner, and spent the last 5 years traveling around the world bringing 100’s of aspiring yogi’s through yoga teacher training while leading women’s workshops and retreats centered around movement + mindfulness.

I have taken my love and knowledge of movement and combined it with my 10+ years of executive leadership experience to help deliver a unique, inspiring, and thoughtful education experience which is engaging and helps create lasting positive change. 

I firmly believe that movement is healthcare, and when we become more skilled at understanding our body, how it moves, and what it is capable of then we are fully prepared for anything life throws at us. 

My Interests Include: When I am not being a full-time homeschool mama, I enjoy hiking, camping, dancing, coffee, and cooking for family and friends.

What are people saying?

A new hope


"Since starting Merge, I have seen so much change. It has given me the confidence to start moving again, the reminder that exercise does not have to be painful, and has also has given me the permission to trust my body. I have such a better sense of balance. I used to fall or randomly stumble, which in a yoga class or out in the everyday world was an embarrassment. Now, I am sure on my footing, and am very aware of my gait and my body movement. It feels good to move. "

Game changer


Merge has become a lifestyle change for me, ever since my level one training. The knowledge learned has me flowing through simple and dynamic movements in a mindful way. My shoulder is forever stronger and more capable of doing the things I love.

Improved my business


Merge has been a game changer for me on a business level as a studio owner, and a professional level as a yoga instructor. My students love the new things I learned in Level 1 and how it makes them feel, the results were so quick and apparent that we often have people become studio members after just one class.


  • What are the prerequisites?

    We want to make sure you feel confident participating in our course and don't feel lost. If you have any questions as to whether or not you meet our prerequisites, please email Remember, the prerequisites aren’t there to exclude anyone from certification but rather to be sure you aren’t feeling unprepared to learn. In taking this course, it is helpful to have some form of formal education or background in anatomy. Most of our students are fitness professionals, bodyworkers, physical therapists, and yoga and pilates teachers. However, we have our fair share of fitness enthusiasts who gain Merge knowledge for their overall performance and longevity.

  • How long is the course?

    Our level 1 course is self-paced which allows you to learn at your own speed. Our recommendation is to complete this course within 1-3 weeks so you can attend the LIVE Q&A. For more details about our Level 2 course which takes place in Sedona, AZ, please navigate to that course page for more details and info.

  • Do you offer any payment plans?

    We do not offer any payment plans for level 1, however, if you're interested in signing up for level 2 and want to make a deposit please Email us at for more details.

  • How long will I have access to course material?

    ALWAYS. Once you're Merge certified you will always have access to your course.

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